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It’s good. Just a lil too basic

Sorry I pressed the wrong button

I meant to press “not now” when asked for a review, but I put 1 star on accident, it’s a good app

This App is great!

As a college Instructor learning Tagalog Ive found this app to be very user friendly. The continuous reputation in various ways really helps build momentum toward a persons vocabulary and ultimately speaking Tagalog.

Ilang Tagalog

Love this!!

Connecting With Family

Great app to learn basic words and catch phrases!


Great app! Help me remember words I had forgotten over the years. Kids love to use the app too!

Useful app

So far so good. Thanks for making this app!!

I've been looking for an app like this ALL MY LIFE!!!

My father is Filipino and my mother is not, so growing up we spoke English. Being raised by my Filipino relatives as a baby, my father said I began to speak and understand the language but I lost it around 2 years old when I started preschool. I was never able to learn again in my adult years, but finally I can give it another try!!! Hopefully I can at least understand the gist of a conversation between my Filipino aunties' when they're talking mess about us cousins! Lol



To soon to tell

Used it once and app keeps nagging me for a review.

Love this app!!!

Great app that is easy to use. Love the simple categories and clear pronunciation. My team here in Manila loves that I can speak a few words in their language. All I can say is I want more!!!

Do you want to learn basic Tagalog words?

That's what this app is all about. It will teach you additives and nouns and verbs. But it does not teach you how to link sentences together.


Love this app❤️❤️

This is awesome

My wife is from the Philippines and this app is spot on very useful to help me learn a bit before making my first trip to the Philippines in April thank you keep this up #keep learning!!!


Great for practice! Has awesome features to really help study like quizzes and flash cards! 5 star!!


Crashes every time I say no to write a review :/


Great Program!!!!

So Far So Good

I'm just starting to get acquainted with this app and so far I'm impressed.

Fun & easy!

Fun & easy!

Good learning tool

App works well and helps be begin to understand some Tagalog. Enjoyable.

I love it

It teaches me phrases that I want and I can record myself saying it!


Super easy. Super helpful. My daughter uses it too.

Great app

Really great app I'm learning fast and it's easy

It's confusing

In the quiz, instead of words, they have pictures that don't say much about the words. This makes it harder to use

I would love to learn!

I'm Filipino. I have full Filipino grandmother, but I live far away from her. Nobody knows Tagalog! So, this app has been useful . I've always been interested in my heritage, and I've always been interested in learning the Filipino Tagalog language.

Love it love it love it!!

Great word bank! I just wish there were more phrases

Pretty good!

I really do like this app!

Great App!

So easy to use and am getting cousins to also use!

Great App

I will be visiting the Philippines more often and want to learn Tagalog. This app helps!



Tagalog app

Perfect for quizzes and spelling but freezes on me a lot

Great app.

Fun and easy.

Thank you

When I was little i spoke tagalog fluently.When I came to the States I began to forget some words.This app has help remember the ones I forgot and help learn new tagalog words.Yo some of these translations are wrong pilik mata aren't eyebrows the right translation is eyelashes and u should put other english words that mean the same thing to the tagalog words


Could be a little more concise but it's over all interface is good

Great app, still a few bugs to work out

Love the app, but there are a few words that don't match the audio. This makes it really hard to learn the right word and meaning.

Good app

Love it

Not bad

Only problem is it freezes on my i7

How the app is

The app has been great so far it's good for people who have a bit of knowledge around the language but it is still good for others it is sort of the type of app one would go to to be entertained but still learning the language.

Good Way to Study Tagalog Vocabulary

This app has a ton of words for 26 different categories. In each of those, there are multiple ways to study them. I'd been looking for a way to build up my vocabulary bank, and this is it.

Best of them all

This will be the app that you fine for free.

Excellent vocabulary drill

I love the feature of being able to hear the Tagalog words pronounced correctly. It's great they are organized into subject areas. The main limitation I see is that many of the word sets are huge. There is no way to avoid drilling words from an entire word set, which could be 75 or more words. That's too much to learn at once. I recommend adding a check mark feature to let the user choose words from a word set. As each small batch is mastered, more could be added. I note that this is a vocabulary program. It does not cover verb usage or how to construct sentences. But it is a great program for building vocabulary.

Love it

I am a Filipino-American born. I was born in the U.S. as a first generation born. My Grandmother and Mother came here when my Mother was 8. My grandmother was forced to teach her English in order for her to attend school. So my Grandmother taught it to her and my Aunt over a summer. So she lost almost all but basic knowledge. So I thought I would learn it because it's my heritage. So I found this very useful to learn words and to hopefully speak so I can go visit the Philippines one day.

I love it!!!

I'm a Fil-Am and I already know Tagalog, but growing up in the states I forgot some words and meanings and after using this app I'm so happy to recall all these last words ^_^ thanks for making this!!!


Very helpful



Great app!

Very challenging and helpful

The man

My fiancé is a philipina this is a great way for me to learn her native language

Awesome! Just what I needed!!

I've been with my BF for almost three years and I'm about to meet his family in the Philippines! This app is amazing!! It's going to save my life and help me to practice for when I go and visit PI!!

No full sentences

This app gives you vocabulary lists of simple nouns and vocabulary. It does not even teach how to construct the most simple of sentences. Examples do not even include sentences during the lessons as far as I can tell.

Recommend by friend

Great app. I'm moving to Saipan soon and I decided to learn since I will be so close to the Filipino population.

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